Customer, Mariama Kallon fetching SALWACO’S water

Customers connected to the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) water facility have praised the agency’s service especially the water that is provided. 

The water provided is considered cheap, safe, clean and affordable., Madam Mariama Koroma of Dama Road in Kenema explained the importance of connecting to the SALWACO grid; noting the water is clean and odourless.

“This is the water we drink and cook with. It is free from particles and very much good for domestic use. The water is also very cheap.”* She said.

Madam Koroma and her family are now free from waterborne diseases including diarrhea and related health issues. Kenema Station Manager, John Augustine Forewa said the water provided by SALWACO is within World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, connecting customers with the best of satisfaction while expanding opportunities that such services bring to people and their communities. *”The water quality is of importance to us as management and the reason why we do test on the quality always”* says Mr. John Augustine Forewa. ’’As a station, we have targeted ourselves to reach at least 1,200 customers by June of this 2020. We have intensified our outreach and community sensitization as well as optimal response rates.  And the need for support is now even more urgent than ever’’, he emphasized.

Mr. Aruna Gbekie in Bo city who is also connected to SALWACO water supply facility said the as Madam Koroma in Kenema.

“Since we connected to the facility, we have not had any interruption. Our tap runs on twenty-four-hour basis and the water is clean and good for consumption. We even have people selling plastic water accessing water from our tap” he said.

‘’We are now comfortable with the water situation here and pray it continues’’, he concluded.

According to the Managing Director of SALWACO, Mr. Joseph Munda Sandi, the management of the Sierra Leone Water Company’s (SALWACO) recent strategy to reach out to customers explains the importance of water and customer satisfaction. 

He said the agency for the past three days has been touring facilities of the Three Towns (Makeni, Kenema and Bo) Water Supply and Sanitation Project funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB). The tour was to assess the water supply systems, meet staff and further look at challenges facing the project and wider operations of the company. 

The Chairman Board of Directors, Ing. Alhaji Mohamed Allieu Jalloh thanked all the three stations (Bo, Kenema & Makeni) staff for their dedication and hard work.

He said water is life and that the government of President Bio is very passionate about water provision for the people of Sierra Leone. 

“We have gone around the facilities and see the amount of effort put into the work but also took note of the challenges. We are impressed with what we’ve seen so far” the Chairman said.