Information Technology Specialist – Consultant

3 years ago
Full Time

Type: Part-time Consultancy

Location: Liberia, Malawi, Sierra Leone


IBTCI is considering submission of a bid for the provision of Fiscal Agent Services (the “Services”) for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the “Global Fund”) in Liberia, Malawi and Sierra Leone. The Global Fund expects the work to begin on 1st August 2021, under the terms of the an existing IQC contract mechanism held by IBTCI. The duration of the contract will be 6 months. The work order may be renewed, or additional work orders agreed, subject to the internal rules and regulations of the Global Fund and the availability of resources, and upon agreement of the parties, under the terms of the IQC.

Essential Duties/Tasks and Responsibilities:

The IT Specialist works on tasks related to financial software, systems and IT management. IT Specialist shall support the PR in operationalizing the PR’s newly updated IT system.
This includes, but is not limited to supporting the PR to:
• Ensure that the technical design actually allows for automated financial reporting to the Global Fund in the required format;
• Ensure that the approved budgets and budgetary controls are fully integrated into the accounting system and that the budget against expenditure variance by activity, intervention and cost categories are also integrated into the accounting system;
• Establish a detailed flow chart, which clearly documents the required procedures through the life cycle of the accounting and reporting process, confirms the roles and responsibilities of all parties and details the processes around the month-end closure, reconciliations, reporting and filing of supporting documents;
• Ensure that the PR’s finance staff are appropriately trained;
• Ensure that robust internal controls are put in place around the IT system to safeguard the use of Grant Funds;
• Carry out reviews to monitor and verify the PR’s compliance with such internal controls; and
• Map the chart of accounts, improve each relevant implementers’ reporting templates, and ensure access controls and backup systems are in place.

The contract between the IT specialist or IT consultant and the Fiscal Agent must allow the Global Fund to require the extension of the IT specialist’s/ IT consultant’s involvement based on identified findings

This job is Expired